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Enjoy sampling wines from the best vineyards around the world. Savour their complex flavours.

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World of Wines is a team of wine experts. We have been advising the best for years. Start your adventure with us!

Wine Imports and Distribution

Working alongside several well-recognized wine producers, importers and distributors, we also offer a wide scope of services for social events, conferences, and special occasions.

Industry Consulting

We are actively involved in developing a comprehensive sales structure and specialist trade offers. We assist in building customer relations and bringing together reliable business partners. All with a view to helping set the standards on the wine market.

Wine Collection Valuation

Wine is a fantastic investment venture. Each collection boasts a unique character and requires a truly personal touch. We help estimate its value and find the right buyers.

Sommelier Services and Events

We write appealing, customised wine lists for restaurants and any special events. We hold dedicated wine tastings in restaurants, hotels, as well as arrange for private VIP wine sampling events. We also offer specialist courses in wine appreciation.


Elevate you offer with Wine Etui’s custom wine tubes and cases. Our team specializes in creating bespoke packaging from leather, cork and suede. Fully customized and handcrafted in Europe.

Wine Cellar Projects

Our architects design custom-made wine cellars for any true wine buffs. We also take care of selecting and installing specialist equipment in the cellars to ensure optimal conditions for wine storage.

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